M Burger

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M BURGER.  Home-Made, All the Way

M BURGER. Home-Made, All the Way

It is 9am on a Saturday morning. Cecily is pulling fresh cilantro, avocado and lime from the cooler. She grabs the recipe book, but already knows she does not need it, since she has made the delicious guacamole many times. Next to her is Lalo, hand-breading chicken with our special flour recipe he made minutes before. This is a glance at the care, love and hard work that goes into making M Burger so special. Every menu item has been carefully created to ensure that it is home-made, hand-created and locally sourced . At M Burger we pride ourselves on providing the freshest product to our guests. Ask your cashier, “Who made the cheese sauce?”, they will be able to tell you, “Sergio!”.  No recipe is a secret at M Burger, simply because our loyal team is using recipes created by Chef Tim Hockett for the best tasting product.  Next time you visit M Burger, think about your guacamole, M Sauce, crispy chicken – and know our staff put love and care into creating that recipe, just for you.